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The Outrageous True Story of the
Alexandra Hospital Massacres,
Singapore, February 1942.
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'There are some books, which once read, you cannot get completely out of your mind. This is one of them. Whether you are just curious, a scholar, military historian or, like me, have a personal connection to this story, you will at once be absorbed.’
Col (ret’d) Marty Slade, RAMC.

Hi, it's Stuart Lloyd here. I'd like to tell you a little more about why I spent over 10 years researching and writing A Bleeding Slaughterhouse. In the hours before the Fall of Singapore in February 1942, the British Military Hospital Alexandra found itself isolated in a no-man’s-land between the Japanese and Allied frontlines.


The horrific events that unfolded over the next 48 hours remained a perfect mystery for the next 80 years, and I had a morbid fascination -- which I don't fully understand myself -- to solve it.

This is the definitive account of what happened next, resulting in up to 300 Allied soldier-patients, nurses, orderlies and doctors being killed. Many by bayonet in their beds where they lay prone. Others by bayonet and machine gun after they were removed and held captive overnight in the Sisters’ Quarters outhouse. One even on the operating theatre table awaiting surgery.




















A Bleeding Slaughterhouse tells the full story for the first time, examining the characters, causes and culpability of this two-day tsunami of terror.

My story-driven narrative is based on first-hand interviews with survivors (humbling to speak to real heroes!) and never-seen unpublished memoir notes (one kept in a safe in Canada, unread because it was too powerful for his daughter to take in).








Along the way we enjoy pre-war colonial eccentricity, uncover a $3,000,000 corruption scandal, and get to know the main characters intimately. (I was lucky enough to view intimate love letters written from Capt Smiley -- the surgeon operating when attacked -- to his fiancee, for example). We also track what happened in the aftermath to the victors and the vanquished, meet some amazingly eminent medicos, and encounter some mind-blowing conspiracies in the War Crimes Trials. And, finally, name those guilty for each massacre, which some see as the most heinous of Japanese war crimes.

Read the free preview material on Amazon (click here) to see if this book is for you, or someone you know, who loves stories of human spirit. 

Thanks in advance for your interest because it's really important to me to tell these stories and keep the legacy of these brave souls alive. Lest we forget. Cheers. Stuart.

PS: There are over 40 pages of original photos, maps and illustrations to help you really feel this story and get to know the characters.

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"First-hand survivor accounts of this atrocity make this book

compelling reading.’' John  Casey, Historic War Tours.

Lloyd does an excellent job … telling this shocking tale in vivid detail. Lloyd is able to describe in forensic detail the full tsunami of horror.” Robert Lyman, Daily Express.


"Utterly heartbreaking yet fascinating." ANZA magazine, Singapore.


“Congratulations, and thank you for telling the difficult story.”

Lance Cpl Richard Jones, magician and winner of Britain’s Got Talent.


“It was fascinating to get more insight into the story of Dad’s experiences; we are grateful to you for bringing it all together so that future generations will know how it was.   We are amazed and pleased to discover all this new information so many years on.“

Maureen Lane, daughter of Pte Bert Gurd, RAMC, survivor.




"I want to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of work — you have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into it." 

- Cec Lowry, author of No Mercy from the Japanese.


"Mind blowing! Absolutely fascinating and incredible to hear

granddad’s story, how lucky." 

Lauren Lloyd, grand-daughter of Pte Sydney Hoskins, RAMC, survivor.

"I’m full of admiration for the way you’ve turned all the different historical sources into a very readable narrative."

Rob Waller, son of survivor Capt Richard Waller, RA.


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