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Asian Expat Books - BAMBOOZLED, THE LIGHTER SIDE OF EX PAT LIFE IN ASIA.   amazon #1 best-seller!

I100s of colourful stories on the fun (and frustrations) of living and working in Asia, as seen through the eyes of foreigners.

Funny expat books must include stories about corrupt police, dodgy taxi drivers, unusual menu items, language problems (we've all messed up trying the local language right?), airplanes that had near misses, pirated goods at the market, and funny interactions with locals in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, and many more.

All collected in one great book by Stu Lloyd, 'the perfect storyteller'.


Read the reviews below and see more on Amazon now ...  click the cover.

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Praise for Bamboozled Asia

Michelle Green

Surabaya, indonesia

"I highly recommend this book to my Asian expat friends having read a few of Stu's hilarious books. It will surely put a smile on your dial when relating to many of these instances.”


Ron Collins

ex-Bangkok expat

"A highly entertaining 'lockdown' read that gives a perspective on expat life that you won't find anywhere else."

Kevin S Cummings

author, Bangkok Beats

" Lighthearted.  Stu's a very good story teller. Entertainingly quick pace."

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