Imagine having your brand's voice shaped, and content created, by a multiple award-winning advertising creative director and copywriter.

Someone with a background degree in psychology with certifications in neuroscience and neuro-marketing. And 20+ years of professional storytelling experience.

I've been called 'the perfect storyteller!' by The Telegraph UK. Ahem. I've trained producers and directors at Discovery Channel and Astro in fine-tuning their content. And worked with the PR team at Accor to unleash their media magic.

But I love crafting messages myself the most. Leveraging the neuro-science of persuasion.

I've helped a real estate company sell properties at 20% premiums to market value.

I've helped an airline achieve a 118% YOY passenger uplift.

I've helped a tourism board achieve a 49% spike in downloads.

Imagine how I could help you create a more human voice for your brand, and make your messages stand out and stick.

The other content creator service we provide is a COMMUNICATIONS CONTENT EPL AUDIT.

In this audit, we scope all your major content - online and offline - and check it for conformity to Strategic Vocabulary and Brand Voice, and check it for correct balance of rational, credible and emotional triggers for the task and target audience. We also check the age/grade level of it (research shows trying to sound too smart actually makes your come across dumber.)

We can then suggest or make the necessary changes to ensure your communications cuts through the clutter.

(This applies to websites, media releases, executive speeches, ads, social posts, etc.)

Contact me today to discuss making your next content creation project a breakthrough success.

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